Notice and disclaimer

The Standard XDC is provided for informational purposes only, based on the information you introduce, values are generated. Please note that we do not prove the data you introduce. In order to work with the Standard XDC, we recommend working directly with right. based on science UG (limited liability)(„right.“) or contacting one of the consulting partners which can be found on the homepage.

You are allowed to use the resulting Standard XDC as you see fit. For referring to it, please quote it this way: "2.0 °C XDC". For the sake of transparency, a perceptible connection with the Standard XDC must be ensured by providing the following information:

  • Source of emission data used
  • Information for the verification of the emission data used by you in the event that you have collected the emission data yourself.
  • Source of gross value added data used

For the taster company, as an example, this can be done as follows:

2.0 °C XDC*

* The Standard XDC is based on an assumption of 3.2% economic growth from both global gross value added as well as from the taster company´s gross value added, until 2050 (source: WEO and IMF); Background Scenario: Business As Usual with a constant ratio of emissions and the taster company´s gross value added from base year until 2050. Source for emission data: taster company´s Sustainability report 2016, with self-reported emission data verified by third parties; Source for economic data: taster company´s Annual report 2016; considering Scope 1: 100 %, Scope 2: 50 % and Scope 3: 50 % .

If the medium you have selected allows it, a hyperlink must be integrated to: integrate hyperlink.

The XDC webApplication has undergone extensive testing. right. and its third-party data providers (in conjunction „right. parties“) do not assume any liability for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the contents of the XDC webApplication, in particular the resulting Standard XDC.

All contents, especially the Standard XDC, are provided without guarantee for defects. right. parties are - regardless of the cause – particularly not responsible for any impairment caused by the use of content derived by the webApplication, in particular any possible harms arising due to the use the Standard XDC.

If you as a consultant, intend to make use of the XDC webApplication, please bear in mind that this use is limited to usage in relation to your company. Please contact us for further enquiries on application possibilities.

We try to ensure that the XDC webApplication is continuously available and that results can be retrieved with all soft and hardware types, at this time this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that the data you have entered and the standard XDC calculated are stored in compliance with our data protection and privacy policy. If your company ranks amongst the three leading companies in your sector, we will include the name of your company as well as the Standard XDC calculated in our "Leaderboard". The first three positions of the Leaderboard can be viewed by registered users of the XDC webApplication..